For press, pls contact Caroline Fiennes on Caroline [dot] Fiennes [at] giving-evidence [dot] com, or +44 7803 954512

To ask about whether we can help with your giving, to receive Giving Evidence’s newsletter, or to ask about Caroline Fiennes speaking at an event, email: admin [at] giving-evidence [dot] com

For book purchases, meeting requests or speaking engagements, contact: vanessa [dot] locke [at] giving-evidence [dot] com

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Our recent newsletters:

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A new science of philanthropy? Paper with University of Chicago, and a positive outlier, May 2016

Finding what works, Kids Company, making charities’ research findable, Nov 2015

Admitting failure; improving giving; making better use of charities’ research, Dec 2014

Learning from medicine about evidence, June 2014

Understanding funders’ impact, and unreliable evidence, March 2014

Evidence-based giving, December 2013

A favourite, on the dangers of focusing on short-term, attributable, predictable outcomes:

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