Giving Evidence often publishes reports. For each one, there is also a post on this website about the project that lead to them, which explains them. Below is a list of  our publications, after each of which is a link to the page about it.

About Charities’ Administrative Costs

Charities and Administration Costs: Good charities spend more on administration than less good charities spend Caroline Fiennes (2015). Explanation here. 

About the Evidence Around Institutional Responses to Child Protection

Our work on this is explained in detail here. We produced:

  • An evidence and gap (EGM). The peer-reviewed academic paper about that is here.  A version for non-academics is here.
  • A ‘guidebook’ which summarises that evidence. The full version is here.

An interactive version of the EGM, which also contains most of the Guidebook, is here. A summary of both the evidence and gap and the Guidebook is here.

About Funding Effectively

About the system for charities applying to foundations for funds, why it is so expensive, and what can reduce those costs Caroline Fiennes, Gemma Bull, Sarah Sandford (2022)

Why do so few charities have their meetings in public? Caroline Fiennes (2016). Explanation here. 

Effective Philanthropy: Towards a Research Agenda A White Paper Caroline Fiennes, Giving Evidence, for the Social Enterprise Initiative, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (2016). Explanation here. 

Frankly Speaking: The Inter-American Foundation’s Reporting Process: Lessons from A Positive Outlier Caroline Fiennes, Diego Escobar (2016). Explanation here. 

Towards A Science of Philanthropy: Analysis of the Success of 10 Years of the ADM Capital Foundation: An Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Various Ways of Doing Philanthropy Caroline Fiennes, Helen Owen (2017).

Frankly Speaking, C & A Fdn Case Study, November 2018: This looks at the C&A Foundation (now re-named the Laudes Foundation) in terms of its operating model, activities, and challenges (Nov 2018).

About Research Produced by Charities, and into Charities and Philanthropy

Consultation to Identify Research Priorities in UK Charities and Philanthropy: Method and Findings Caroline Fiennes, Katherine Cowan (2019)

Improving Clarity and Usefulness of Research by Charities: A checklist of items for charities to include in published reports of impact research Caroline Fiennes (2015). Explanation here. 

About Charities’ Research in Criminal Justice

Charities’ research infrastructure: Improving Clarity and Usefulness of Research by Charities in Criminal Justice Caroline Fiennes (2014).

Primers about Knowledge Mgt, and About Monitoring & Evaluation 

Knowledge Management – A primer Marc Maxmeister, Caroline Fiennes, Natalia Kiryttopoulou (2018). Explanation here. 

A primer about monitoring and evaluation, for funders and implementers Caroline Fiennes, Natalia Kiryttopoulou, Marc Maxmeister (2018). Explanation here.

About Education

Getting Better: What education systems in less developed countries can learn from evidence-based medicine Caroline Fiennes, Liora Wulf (2014). Explanation here.

Getting Better II: What education in less economically developed countries can learn about evidence from medicine Caroline Fiennes, Saurabh Gupta (2016). Explanation here. 

The Relationship Between Short-term Outcomes and Long-term Outcomes Produced by Outdoor Adventure Programmes: A Rapid Review Alison O’Mara-Eves, Caroline Fiennes, Sandy Oliver (2016). Explanation here. 

The Existing Evidence Base about the Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning, a systematic review, Caroline Fiennes, Amy Romans, Sandy Oliver (2015). Explanation here. This material was later summarised by two Swiss academics and included in a book, published in 2022, here.

About involving potential users of research in stating and prioritising research topics (factory farming)

The Burning Questions Initiative: Prioritization Report Caroline Fiennes (2017). Explanation here.

About the Production and Use of Evidence by Mental Health Charities

An Explanation of the Evidence System of UK Mental Health Charities Leonora Buckland, Caroline Fiennes (2016). Explanation here. 

About a Labour Rights Programme 

Frankly Speaking: C&A Foundation’s Sustainable Supplier ProgrammeLeonora Buckland, Caroline Fiennes (2014). Explanation here.