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Announcing a rating of UK foundations on their transparency, accountability and diversity

UK charitable foundation staff and trustees are very white and very male. They’re also often senior in years, and pretty posh. None of those characteristics is necessarily a problem of itself, but (a) the homogeneity creates risk of lacking diversity … Continue reading

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Why most ratings of charities are useless: the available information isn’t important and the important information isn’t available

A Which? Magazine-type reliable rating of a wide range of charities would indeed be helpful. Unfortunately it’s currently impossible. Most months, somebody contacts me saying that they’re setting up some website / app to rate loads of charities – to … Continue reading

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Webinar: intro to evidence, and the evidence about child abuse

This webinar, given with the Campbell Collaboration and Porticus, is a great introduction to rigorous evidence in general, and specifically the rigorous evidence around ‘what works’ in institutional responses to child abuse. It is part of our work on that … Continue reading

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Many (many!) charities are too small to measure their own impact

Most charities should not evaluate their own impact. Funders should stop asking them to evaluate themselves. For one thing, asking somebody to mark their own homework was never likely to be a good idea. This article explains the four very … Continue reading

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We don’t know how to get donors to use more evidence to improve their giving

This article first published in Alliance Magazine. What aids and impedes donors using evidence to make their giving more effective? This question motivated a two researchers at the University of Birmingham to do a wide search of the academic and … Continue reading

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Royal patronages of charities don’t seem to help charities much

Giving Evidence today publishes research about Royal patronages of charities: what are they, who gets them, and do they help? This fits within our work of providing robust evidence so that charities and donors can be as effective as possible. In … Continue reading

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How is philanthropy responding to Covid19? How should it respond?

How are donors responding to the pandemic? What should they be doing? What will the long-term effects be on #philanthropy? Giving Evidence’s Director Caroline Fiennes discussed all this with The Business Of Giving in this interview. We also discussed Giving … Continue reading

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Identifying the Effects of Various Ways of Giving: Using the ‘Opportunity’ of the Covid19 Crisis

New project! Much attention is paid to what donors fund, but very little is paid to how they fund. Questions about how to fund include whether/when to give with restrictions, whether to give a few large grants vs. many smaller … Continue reading

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Giving during COVID-19

Clearly, communities and charities are under great strain at the moment. A vast number of people in the UK have less than one week’s savings. Charities are doing all manner of work, and the crisis is expected to cost them at least £4 billion(!) Please … Continue reading

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We tried to update our analysis of charities’ performance and their admin costs, and you won’t BELIEVE what happened next!

Many people believe that charities waste money on ‘administration’, and hence that the best charities spend little on administration. A strong form of this view is that the best charities are by definition those which spend little on administration, i.e., you … Continue reading

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