Giving Evidence’s Director Caroline Fiennes frequently writes and comments in the press. (Book reviews are here.) FT columns are here; columns for Third Sector are on this blog. These are some other examples.

Coverage of our analysis of Royal patronages of charities, in The Times, an op-ed by Caroline Fiennes, in the Daily Mail, in Horticulture Week, in Civil Society magazine, in the New York Post, in the Daily Express, in Alliance Magazine. It was later included in a Guardian article about the Royals and charities. A podcast interview about it is here, and was covered in the Daily Express here and here. It featured in a broader article in The Telegraph here (£).

Article in Alliance Magazine written with Porticus about its learning from the evidence in child protection, including our work producing an Evidence and Gap Map to show what evidence exists, and a Guidebook to summarise what it says. (March 2021) More on those products is here.

How to do evidence-based giving: in Circle MENA – (in Arabic here) (Oct 2022)

Cited in The AI Does Not Hate You, Tom Chivers (2019)

Quoted in Philanthropy, Innovation and Entreprenuership, Mark Dodgson and David Gann (2019)

Altruism 2.0, New Scientist magazine (December 2019) (£)     

How to give well to charity, MoneyWise (August 2019)         

The campaign for unrestricted funding needs to change tack, Charity Finance Magazine (June 2019)

Firms step up charity partnerships to show social credentials, Ignites Europe, Financial Times publication (April 2019) (£) download here

How to give away $100m, Institutional Investor magazine (October 2018)

12 tips on giving well to charity, The Daily Mail (February 2018)       

The economics of charity: Australian radio programme (November 2017)

Donating $100m: BBC World Service documentary (September 2017) (30 mins, each part)

Where are we on results-based giving? – The Chronicle of Philanthropy (January 2017)

Impact giving: Where good intentions meet evidence – Quad City Times (December 2016)

Charity should begin in the science lab – the Financial Times (April 2016)

Wealthy pensioners should donate state benefits to charity – the Financial Times (March 2016)

‘Giving  your money away’ – the Financial Times (December 2015)

Various BBC TV and radio interviews around the collapse of KidsCompany

Tiny Sparks podcast about the $400m Paulson gift to Harvard

Barriers to strategic philanthropy are mainly practical: Stanford Social Innovation Review

Podcast interview about impact, results, effectiveness, data, feedback, with TinySpark

Donors need to publish their mistakes so that we can all learn: Spears Magazine

Profile of of Caroline Fiennes and Giving Evidence  in Global Citizen magazine:

How to give well, BBC Radio 4, You and Yours (audio: starts at 36.30)

How to give away £100m

Give your best, this Giving Tuesday     

Kaleej Times (Abu Dhabi) on Emirates Foundation’s philanthropy conference

Go see your MP, Third Sector

Interview with 80,000 hours

Moneyball philanthropy? Not always, Forbes 

Don’t Die of Ignorance, Third Sector

Making philanthropy more effective, roundtable at The Guardian

Interview with Secular woman

Philanthropy in Transition, The Guardian

Why policy change takes more than just funding research, Alliance Magazine

Lovely wide-ranging interview about giving, with Reform Magazine

Letter in the FT about open data and Typhoon Haiyan.

Show me the money: open data in aid and development (The Economist)

Getting the most from your donations (Sunday Express)

Why did Rockefeller belittle Einstein?  

Letter in the FT offering advice to MPs on donating their unwanted pay-rise

Our work on admin costs: in MoneyWeek, The Guardian, Third Sector and Spears Magazine.

Caroline’s work cited in The Lancet, on the biggest clinical trial ever

What the first social impact bond won’t tell us 

Fewer is more: on how many charities to support 

Trends in philanthropy (2012) 

Publicising charities’ admin spend would be a disaster , The Guardian 

Philanthropy can learn from Alan Turing, Spears WMS

Understanding charities’ impact measurement

Philanthropy should be more scientific

Rows in development signal sophistication 

Faster, higher, stronger: Olympic lessons for philanthropy 

How to give brilliantly to charity if you have no money 

Letter to the Guardian about my book: “very helpful”

BBC Radio 4, Money Box Live on charities & giving, June 2012

BBC Radio 4’s The Report about the charity tax row

Ethical Corporation: Companies can do much better than  giving cash 

Author interview,  Center for High Impact Philanthropy

Giving: Double-page feature , Money Week

How to find the best charities, Editor’s blog post, Money Week

How do you find a good charity? BBC Radio 4, You & Yours (‘Chapter 7’ in  the link)

Charities warn Osborne over tax move    

Should all charities get tax relief? BBC Radio 5 Live, April 2012

Charities unite against tax cap  

Impact. What would have happened anyway?

Goldman Sachs & impact: Who are the muppets now?

Grand Unified Theory of philanthropy?, Alliance Magazine

Abandoning the popular ‘fetish of the small’ 

Should you donate to Sport Relief? 

Corporate giving: philanthropy without the money  

Three golden rules of successful charitable giving,

No money? Here’s how you can still support charity 

The paper mountain in the charity sector 

Tim Harford, FT: Charity begins… in the back office 

Improving your fundraising hit-rate (March 2012)

Who should be the next Chair of the Charity Commission? The Guardian

It’s not what you tell them: about engaging donors, Philanthropy UK (February 2012)

Measuring community engagement, (January 2012)[

Christmas goats are marketing bull: Financial Times (December 2011)

Sweet charity: it’s the way that you give that gets results: Evening Standard (June 2011)

Talk at Skeptics in the Pub, Boston MA (video)


To invite Caroline to write or comment in the press, or to speak at an event, contact enquiries [at]


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