The potential and pitfalls of evidence-based philanthropy: Keynote talk at the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada, Toronto, Oct 2018.

Notice the all-female panel 🙂

(We will eventually cut the slides into this so you can see what Caroline was talking about. For now, you can download them here and follow what’s going on.)


Caroline Fiennes gave a keynote presentation at the Global Evidence and Implementation Summit in Melbourne, October 2018. To watch, click on the photo and wait a second. Excuse the surprise didgeridoo interruption!

Speaking (2)

The Big Money Questions! Caroline talked to The Daily Mail. Click on the picture below to watch (~20 mins).

big money

Explanation of two projects that we are doing to understand the current supply of, and demand for, research about charities and philanthropy:


Video lesson with the Fitzroy Academy: (click on the picture to watch)

What can philanthropy learn from medicine about using decent evidence? Six minute audio-interview!

Defining evidence-based philanthropy: Five minute introductory description…filmed on a park bench…

Ask an important question and answer it reliably‘: how to do evidence-based philanthropy. This talk was given to an invited group of major donors. (18 mins)

Standing on the shoulders of giants: talk to a group of social investors, companies, donors, similar to that above (33 mins):

What is evidence-based giving and why does it matter? Interview with Caroline Fiennes, Director of Giving Evidence by the Skoll Foundation (16 mins): This was shot in a single take, with no notice of the questions 😮

It’s hard to make evidence-based decisions about charity because so much evidence is missing, bad, unclear or you can’t find it. Talk given in Barcelona: (18 mins)

Lovely radio interview with US radio station The Business of Giving:

Interview with TinySparks about how charities only publish flattering data:

How Giving Evidence supports donors and foundations:

The closure of Kids Company (high-profile UK charity) on August 5th 2015 raised the question of charity’s management and effectiveness. Caroline spoke to BBC News about it:

And, once it emerged that there are 60,000 children’s charities in the UK, she spoke about whether there should be consolidation:

Caroline was also on BBC Radio4’s PM programme on the same day, which FeedbackLabs turned into a podcast, here.

The problems establishing the effectiveness of KidsCompany illustrate a wide-spread problem in the charity sector, which Giving Evidence and others are actively trying to solve. More here. Caroline Fiennes discussed many aspects of charities and giving with SIBE at Warwick University, including:

What do charities actually do with my money?

Why is it hard for a donor to find a great charity?

Does it matter which charity a donor chooses?

What are some great examples of charitable giving?

How, practically, can a donor find a great charity?

Do good charities have low admin costs? (nope!)

I’ve got no money! What can I do?

What to do if you’re giving a lot to charity

What are good & bad examples of corporate giving?