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Kate Middleton’s charities: a curious but quite good set for a beginner

The Duchess Formerly Known as Kate Middleton announced today her first four charity affiliations. It’s a quirky set. If she’s clever, Kate (if we’re still allowed to call her that) can add a load more value to them. The overriding precept of … Continue reading

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Cheryl Cole Foundation: The most important 3 words

It’s off to a great start. But trouble ahead? Here’s what it should do. In its first year, Cheryl Cole’s Foundation is teaming up with the Prince’s Trust. Good. New donors almost always do well to partner with existing donors and existing charities. … Continue reading

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Prince Harry: gives charity what he does best

Prince Harry goes to the Arctic: of course the press  go too. Smart guy. He’s doing what great donors do best: bringing to his charitable passions the most valuable and most unusual resources he can access. Raising the profile and … Continue reading

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