Prince Harry: gives charity what he does best

Prince Harry goes to the Arctic: of course the press  go too.

Smart guy. He’s doing what great donors do best: bringing to his charitable passions the most valuable and most unusual resources he can access. Raising the profile and respect for the Armed Forces a focus for the foundation he’s established with his brother. They could have just raised money – “the least valuable social-change asset” according to Kurt Hoffman, former  director of the Shell Foundation. But they’ve rightly figured out that they can do much more than that.

His mother did this: taking cameras with her when she shook hands with people with HIV. Bill Clinton does it when he lends his brand to donors which encourages and emboldens them (the Clinton Hunter Initiative, set up with sports entrepreneur Tom Hunter; the Clinton Giustra Mining Initiative set up with mining magnate Frank Giustra). Consultants Bain & Co. did it when they incubated the now-hugely successful non-profit consultancy Bridgespan. My former neighbour’s eight-year-old child did it when he spent his Sunday afternoon washing neighbours’ cars to raise money for charity. Comic Relief does it when they publish all their impact data.

Donors invariably do best when they deploy everything they’ve got.  Good for Prince Harry.

What another prince has been doing for charity with a pop star—>

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