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Giving during COVID-19

Clearly, communities and charities are under great strain at the moment. A vast number of people in the UK have less than one week’s savings. Charities are doing all manner of work, and the crisis is expected to cost them at least £4 billion(!) Please … Continue reading

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We tried to update our analysis of charities’ performance and their admin costs, and you won’t BELIEVE what happened next!

Many people believe that charities waste money on ‘administration’, and hence that the best charities spend little on administration. A strong form of this view is that the best charities are by definition those which spend little on administration, i.e., you … Continue reading

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Why I’ve joined a board of the Flemish Red Cross

I know. You’ve never heard of the Flemish Red Cross. You realise that such a thing probably must exist but you’d never hitherto realised it, right? Well, you should know about it because it’s amazing. Of all the operational charities … Continue reading

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Do Royals help charities? We’re finding out

Apparently ~3000 organisations have Royal patrons. About 200 have this week lost their relationship with Prince Andrew. Securing and maintaining a relationship with a Royal is work, and is it worth it? It seems that nobody knows. Giving Evidence is … Continue reading

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Can people tell posh champagne from cava in a blind trial?? – an experiment

{Warning: this post has nothing to do with philanthropy. It’s to do with science. Sort of.} As widely discussed in the press (i.e., written about by me on Twitter), I recently ran a little trial to see whether people (specifically … Continue reading

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A life ended well

This article first published in the British Medical Journal. My mum died in 2016, a more decorous and peaceful end of life would be hard to imagine. That she died well is a huge blessing: not everybody gets that privilege. … Continue reading

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How to give well to charity?

This article first published in MoneyWise magazine. MacKenzie Bezos, who recently divorced the world’s richest person, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has pledged to give away at least half of her $37billion fortune. To whom should she give it? I’ve advised … Continue reading

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The second best thing to give to charity is feedback

This article first published in the Financial Times in May 2018 Donors can encourage charities to seek feedback Oxfam’s UK chief executive announced his resignation last week, after a spate of damaging allegations of abuse by the charity’s frontline staff … Continue reading

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Charitable foundations: There’s an argument for spending it fast

This article first published in the Financial Times in January 2018 A growing number of funds take a shorter-term approach Having spent its entire war chest of $100m, the Skoll Global Threats Fund closed last month. Jeff Skoll, eBay’s first … Continue reading

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Priority areas for research into charities & philanthropy

With Charity Futures, Giving Evidence has run two projects which combine to identify priority areas for new academic research into charities and philanthropy. These studies are prompted by the growing amount of academic research activity around charities and philanthropy, including … Continue reading

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