Client project: Intermediate Capital Group (ICG)

Helping a listed company to start a new giving programme, and to find effective and suitable grantee partners:

The client:

ICG is an investment company, based in London, with several offices globally. It had done some giving for a while but wanted to create a larger and more deliberative giving programme. Its goals were both to have external impact on some important social goal, and to cohere the staff volunteering.

What we did:

Giving Evidence helped ICG to select a sectoral focus, for which we used the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We then turned to finding suitable grantee partner(s). We screened various charities which staff and board members suggested – based on both our understanding of charity effectiveness, and on what ICG is uniquely bringing and its internal goals. We introduced ICG to the Education Endowment Foundation, with which it has formed a multi-year funding relationship, around two interventions that EEF is exploring and expanding.

Client’s view:

Andrew Lewis, ICG’s General Counsel and Company Secretary:

“Caroline very quickly got the measure of ICG and the respect of our team. Her work was timely, insightful, clear and professional. Most importantly, she found us a partner whom we would not have found otherwise and with whom we are delighted. Part of ICG’s funding contributed to an evaluation of a literacy programme, which turned out to work, since when the UK government has committed to making it available to all relevant primary schools – which even got the programme covered in Vogue magazine!”