Advice on giving, based on evidence

Giving Evidence advises many donors about effective giving, across the whole range from choosing objectives, defining a strategy, gathering relevant partners, implementation (including identifying great charities and other non-profits to support), to tracking the charities’ impact, and tracking and improving the donor’s own impact. This is what our clients say about working with us.

Range of support for donors

Contact us on enquiries [at] giving-evidence [dot] com

Recent engagements include:

Defining objectives, focus and strategy:

Guiding a new family foundation to develop a strategy and plans, taking account of the family’s interests and non-financial resources.

Helping a large, established corporate foundation to re-focus, having seen its market change dramatically.

Critiquing the plan created by a multinational corporate foundation for a new giving programme (thus avoiding many traps it hadn’t noticed).

Facilitating strategy away-days for family foundations and large public foundations.

Running strategy away-days for family foundations and corporate foundations to help them set strategy and check their progress.

Sourcing & selecting;

Supporting a global professional services firm to identify a charity which could make great use of the company’s staff volunteers.

Helping Eurostar (which was then new to giving) to understand how giving works and to find a partnership which would make it effective very rapidly. At our suggestion, Eurostar partnered with Ashden (one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts) to create an award for sustainable transport.

Sourcing suitable ‘candidate’ charities for the new family foundation, and setting up grant agreements.

Tracking impact:

Analysing the impact of the Guardian’s giving programme, including identifying what’s working, what isn’t and how it can be more effective. This was reported in the Guardian.

Training a group of CEOs of new foundations to understand charities’ impact, and their own impact.

Working with an operational charity to develop a system for understanding and increasing its impact.

Other related work includes:

– Training professional tennis players in the basics of charities and giving, by invitation of the Association of Tennis Professionals (the global governing body of the men’s game)

– Creating a course for a leading business school around corporate philanthropy

If you are looking for advice about achieving the best results with your donations, contact enquiries [at] giving-evidence [dot] com

*This diagram shows the standard process for supporting charities. There are good ways and bad ways of operating at each stage. This is discussed in Caroline Fiennes’ acclaimed book about effective giving, It Ain’t What You Give, It’s The Way That You Give It.

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