Client project: Tiny Beam Fund

Supporting a private foundation to improve and increase production and use of evidence in its sector:

The client:

Tiny Beam Fund is a small new private foundation, based in the US. Giving Evidence has done various projects with Tiny Beam Fund to improve the production and use of evidence in advocacy campaigns and other work addressing the negative impacts of industrial animal agriculture around the world.

What we did:

Giving Evidence ran a consultation process with experts in the sector to identify and prioritise under-researched topics. The results are here.

It also assessed the viability of a fund to help practitioner entities make better use of the existing academic research and engaging with academic researchers.

It helped design that fund, which Tiny Beam Fund has since launched.  

Client’s view:

The founder and president of the foundation worked closely with Giving Evidence, and says:

“Caroline and the Giving Evidence team immediately understood what I was trying to achieve in terms of better use of research in this sector – and not all philanthropy advisors did. The teams have been well-organised and efficient, able to present the Fund professionally to other funders, and then producing useful and clear documents and advice about what Tiny Beam Fund should do and how. It was also great that Caroline was able to write in the Financial Times about the human-related side-effects of intensive animal farming.”