TV coverage of charity effectiveness and impact evaluations

The closure of Kids Company on August 5th raised the question of charity’s management and effectiveness. Caroline spoke to BBC News about it:

And, once it emerged that there are 60,000 children’s charities in the UK, she spoke about whether there should be consolidation:

Caroline was also on BBC Radio4’s PM programme on the same day, which FeedbackLabs turned into a podcast, here.

The problems establishing the effectiveness of KidsCompany illustrate a wide-spread problem in the charity sector, which Giving Evidence and others are actively trying to solve. More here.

References cited in the interviews:

Brief debriefing:

Bangladesh nutrition example:

The micro-credit in NE Thailand example:

Data on relationship between charities’ effectiveness and their admin costs:

KPMG study showing that 83% corporate mergers fail to produce value, here.

10 year study of 3,400 charities (accidentally cited as ‘of 3,400 studies’), by Bridgespan here.

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