Making charity & philanthropy more evidence-based

Giving Evidence’s purpose is improving the effectiveness of charitable giving and charitable work by improving the quality of evidence on which they are based. The changes that we need are very analogous to changes which happened in medicine, in terms of vastly improving the quality and use of evidence in decisions. Caroline spoke recently at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, laying out the state of evidence in the three areas of decisions – choosing interventions, choosing non-profit organisations, and choosing between the various ways of giving – and looking at what is needed to enable more evidence-based decisions in each of them.

This is a consultation exercise and we invite your input: admin [at] giving-evidence [dot] com

Click on the picture to watch the seminar (also here).


Giving Evidence has done considerable work looking at what charity / philanthropy can learn from evidence-based medicine (see here, and here), and has a paper out soon about the effects & evidence around various ways of giving (with the University of Chicago, see here).

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