How to read (a lot of) my book for free

You should get the book – and you can, from here. But a lot of it is available free, for example in articles. Here’s a round-up.

Opening: Why care about this, the 10 minute guide to giving well, contents table

Section 1: What you need to know

Chapter 1: How to choose a cause

Chapter 2: Charities’ administration costs (also here, in the FT)

Chapter 3 (part): Breadth vs. certainty

The above are all available in the Kindle preview. Make sure to scroll to the start: it opens part-way through.

The rest of Section 1 is only in the book: covering theories of change, and the defining feature of the charity world.

Section 2: What you need to do

Ch 6. Finding a great charity. This is partly covered here in Money Week,

Ch 7. Dealing with common situations, and myths: whether to sponsor somebody in the marathon is covered here, and supporting Sport Relief (=Comic Relief) here.

Ch 8. Helping and not hindering: for example, giving if you have no money, here in the Daily Mail. The general rules are touched on here, in The Ecologist.

Ch 9. Using money without giving it: you’ll have to read the book!

Section 3: What to do if you’re giving a lot

For most of this – how & why to decide a focus, the range of tools available, partnering, getting a good process and tracking your own impact – you’ll need the book. Article here on the wastage which foundations create by having bad processes.

Ch 15: Corporate giving: outlined here in Ethical Corporation and here in the Guardian.

Section 4: Advanced theory

Ch 16: Charities results: this article about counterfactuals gets to some of it. As does this about Goldman Sachs‘ dismal impact reporting. There’s a great deal more insight in the book.

Ch 17 & 18: Size, growth & mergers; Charities and government: material is in the book.

Ch 19: Principles of good giving: outlined here, in Alliance magazine.

Appendices are in the book. But all the calculations are here, as is the application form I suggest.

How do you prove your impact if you’re new? Like this–>

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