Caroline Fiennes: best philanthropy advisor

Newsflash! Giving Evidence’s Caroline Fiennes has been nominated a ‘best philanthropy advisor’ by Spears Wealth Management magazine, here.

The profile of Caroline (here) says: CF Barcelona

“Caroline Fiennes’ work in philanthropy focuses on making giving as effective as possible by basing it on sound evidence. A physicist in a previous career, Fiennes became interested in the fact that some charities are better than others and wanted to figure out which ones are most effective in order to guide donors to them. This is also true of ways of giving.

The founder of Giving Evidence feels there is ‘often a big mismatch between where the money goes and where it’s needed’, and advises clients on using the available evidence to choose issues and organisations to focus on and support in the most effective ways.

Caroline works a lot on the quality of research available to donors, because charities produce a lot of information, but much of it is of too low a quality to be reliable. This has led to some of her clients giving funds to help produce better evidence.

Caroline and Giving Evidence are working on creating a mechanism for anybody to rate a charity with which they’ve had contact, a little like TripAdivsor or Toptable. This ‘opening up of reputations’ would greatly help donors to make much more informed decisions.”

Stay in touch to hear more as this project progresses!

Why is rating charities important?—>

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