Evidence-based philanthropy made easy

This talk explains what evidence-based giving is, why it matters, and how it needn’t be soooo complicated. Even the first 30 seconds here show why minimising administrative costs to keep an aid programme ‘cheap’ is a bad idea.

This talk was given in Vienna (notice how Caroline had accidentally turned up basically wearing the Austrian flag…), which is why bits of it are in German:

The main points were:

  1. Why should you care about evidence?

Because evidence (alone) will save you from wasting your money / time, and possibly making a problem worse

  1. On what do you need evidence?
  • Where is the problem and why is it there?
  • What is effective at solving it?
  1. Most charities shouldn’t do evaluations
  2. Use what already exists, esp. systematic reviews
  3. If no decent evidence, either do something else, or fund the production of it. Don’t guess!

Watch more about doing evidence-based giving…>

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