Our study of the existing research about charities and philanthropy

New project! Giving Evidence is pleased to be mapping the existing research around strategic and operational management of charitable and philanthropic activities.

This sits alongside a separate project which we are doing to understand ‘demand’ for demand-vs-supply1further research into charities and philanthropy: that is a large-scale consultation exercise, detailed here, asking charities and donors to list and prioritise the topics on which they would like more research (/ evidence / data).

We will use these respective maps of the ‘supply’ of existing research and ‘demand’ to find the priority gaps. Maybe everybody wants research on X but there isn’t any;  or maybe everybody wants research on Y, of which there actually is a lot but people don’t realise that.

We hope that these insights will inform the work of academics. It may also inform that of others in the sector, e.g., in improving use and awareness of the existing material.

Both studies are funded by, and in partnership with, Charity Futures, which has plans to create an ‘institute of charity’ at the University of Oxford.

The ‘supply’ study is led by our world-class colleagues at the EPPI-Centre of University College London. The protocol for it is here.

Caroline Fiennes, Director of Giving Evidence, gave a talk recently which describes the background and logic for both studies:


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