Webinar: intro to evidence, and the evidence about child abuse

This webinar, given with the Campbell Collaboration and Porticus, is a great introduction to rigorous evidence in general, and specifically the rigorous evidence around ‘what works’ in institutional responses to child abuse. It is part of our work on that latter, explained in more detail here. including producing an Evidence and Gap Map which shows what evidence exists, and a ‘Guidebook’ which summarises what it says.

We start from the beginning, explaining:

  • A foundation’s perspective on why rigorous evidence about ‘what works’ matters
  • What a fair trial is, and why they matter
  • How to find all the fair trials on a particular topic: what a systematic review is
  • What an Evidence & Gap Map (EGM) is: how we structured our frame and how to codify studies
  • Issues that can affect the reliability of studies (i.e., introduce risks of bias), why those matter and how we handled them
  • The findings of our particular EGM
  • What we found when we match up Porticus’ grantees against evidence on the EGM
  • What evidence synthesis is and why it matters
  • How we synthesised and summarised the evidence on our EGM, and what that evidence says
  • The implications of this evidence-base for Porticus, for other funders / practitioners / policy-makers, and what we’re doing next.
  • Then we answered audience questions.

Loads more about this work is here.

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