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What is decent evidence?

‘Evidence is not the plural of anecdote’, wags often say. Sure, but what is it? Evidence comes in many forms, some distinctly better than others. Below is a hierarchy produced by NESTA. Is it any good? Level 1 is essentially having … Continue reading

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Why I’m delighted to join the Advisory Board of Evidence Aid

Boxing Day, 2004. You’re in Sri Lanka, and a tsunami has turned a beautiful day into utter devastation. You’re a doctor and everywhere are ill people, injured people, distraught people: you’re also worried about epidemics of cholera, measles and so on. … Continue reading

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The giving tax: what do we actually know?

In the current row about charities and tax, it’s worth being clear about what is known and what isn’t. Here’s the relevant evidence we’ve encountered. Income Total income of UK charities £37bn Source:NCVO Almanac Income of UK charities from individuals … Continue reading

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How can innovative organisations produce evidence of their impact?

This article was first published by the Society of Impact Assessment Analysts ‘If something isn’t working, do something else’, goes the saying. Though it sounds obvious, we often don’t follow this advice. Many of the social and environmental issues we’ve … Continue reading

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