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Promoting giving to charity is like marketing discretionary purchases

Getting more people to give to charity = getting people to change their behaviour. That is, it’s a marketing job. The same as getting you to buy Coke rather than Pepsi, or to buy stilton outside Christmas, to buy a … Continue reading

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Why do charities ignore millions of donors?

Despite my giving £200 to Cancer Research UK through JustGiving when a friend did a sponsored something, I never heard a bean from Cancer Research UK about it. A year later, I gave £100 to another charity when another friend did … Continue reading

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Raising funds? Just dress well!

Wearing designer logos virtually doubles donations According to a study reported by The Economist, all you have to do to increase donations is to dress well! A team of volunteers knocking on doors solicited donations raised nearly twice as much when wearing … Continue reading

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Who gives to charity, why, who doesn’t, why not & what to do about it

A segmentation based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is helpful in showing who gives, who doesn’t, and how to get more people giving more substantially and more often. This paper describes the segmentation, gives the data about giving behaviour and recommendations of … Continue reading

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